Race Time with Bill & Bryon

Bill Myers and his son, Bryon, also enjoyed time together
in 2010 watching (and participating) in the sport of stock
car racing.  A special “thank you” goes to Bill’s very good
friend, car owner, Randy MacDonald for opening his heart to Bill and Bryon
and allowing them time together in a sport they love.
Once again, thanks to Randy, and you can visit his website.
www.mms81.com to learn more on MacDonald Motorsports. 

“Bill calling the shots” (Ha..Ha..Ha..) for the
practice session during the 2010 Nationwide spring
race at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC

Bill with his garage and pit pass waiting for the start of the 2010
Nationwide spring race at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, NC

Race car owner, Randy MacDonald, his driver, Michael McDowell and
Bill beside their car just before race time, at the 2010 Nationwide
spring race at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, NC.

Bryon and Bill Myers with car owner, Randy MacDonald,
just “cooling it” in the pits prior to the start of
the Bristol,TN 2010 Nationwide summer race.

Bryon gets a view of the track from atop one of
the haulers for the Randy MacDonald team at the
2010 Nationwide summer race in Bristol,TN.

Bill has one of the best seats in the house from
the top of a hauler of the Randy MacDonald team
during the 2010 Nationwide summer race in Bristol,TN.
From here, he had a good view of son, Bryon,
as he made his MacDonald “gas can man” debut.

Time for “Gas Man Bryon” to go to work for the
Randy MacDonald race team during the 2010 Nationwide
summer race at Bristol Motor Speeway in Tennessee.

The MacDonald pit crew, with Bryon Myers as the
“gas can man” kept their blue #81 Dodge Charger on
track at the 2010 Nationwide summer Bristol,TN race.