Fun Fotos

Fun Fotos

Austin giving Colton sugar, April, 2011.

Cookie and Julia, January, 2011.

Colton practicing Showmanship, Christmas, 2010.

Colton Western Pleasure??? Christmas, 2010.

“I love you, Daddy”  December, 2010.

“Blossom” – Our latest addition says…
“Put my food right here, Momma.

Myers’ Dallas, February, 2010

Myers’ Dallas, February 2010.

Bill and Ellen in Las Vegas

Ellen and Dallas
2008 Wooster, Ohio

Our Ranch Office

“Where Dallas REALLY belongs!”

A new pretty at our house!

Bill and Dallas working hard at the World Show!


Dallas watches over Calvin as he sleeps!

We are sorry to say that we lost our beloved Maggie,
(pictured on the right) on Sunday, July 6, 2008.
She lived a wonderful life, but was very old (16 years) and waited
for our return from the Nationals in Oklahoma City before leaving us.
We are also sorry to say that we lost Beethoven (Boo, on the left)
on Monday, November 3, 2008.  He was one week shy of 15 years old.

Dallas in a basket, then…..and…

Dallas in a basket, now…


On the road again……

……and again……

……one more time!

Song:  “Don’t Stop Believing”
Contributing Artist:  “Journey”
August 1, 2011