Coming Events

We have not yet made a schedule for 2008 but are looking forward to the Appaloosa National and World Shows, the Reichert Celebration and the Quarter Horse Congress. At this time, we would like to thank each and everyone that has played a role in our success. First and foremost is our Lord, Jesus Christ, to whom we give all the glory. We would like to thank our very patient families, our beloved friends, our talented horses, the judges that rewarded them, the veterinarians (Greystone Veterinarian Service, Hassinger Equine Service, S.C. Equine Associates, and Davie County Large Animal Hospital) that worked with us, our fantastic farrier (R.C. Clark) and our very talented trainers. Thank you Jay and Kristy Starnes for the fantastic job you did of training and showing our Quarter Horses and Patrick Heeley for the great job you did with our Appaloosas.

Please check back soon… Thanks!